pumpkin spice candles soon

pumpkin lattes soon

pumpkin everything


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Such Great Heights
Iron and Wine
Such Great Heights Promo
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I am thinking it’s a sign

That the freckles in our eyes

Are mirror images and when we kiss

They’re perfectly aligned

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My friend, my faithful friend…

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Just watched Sailor Moon Crystal & now I’m longing to watch the original. I’ve always liked Sailor Moon but I’ve only seen a handful of episodes, so this is going to take a while.


Brace yourselves..

I’m goin’ in.

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game of thrones s4 challenge

day seven: favourite main character in s4 → “O b e r y n  was ever the viper. Deadly, dangerous, unpredictable. N o  m a n  d a r e d  t r e a d  o n  h i m .”

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TIL winged eyeliner is equally hard to draw on the computer as it is on your face

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A MILLION MILES AWAY an acoustic playlist for losing yourself to the rapid waves of life [listen] [download]

+ listen with some ocean waves for a super relaxing atmosphere!!

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this is it®

the gasps throughout the entire audience after she starts bleeding are fucking amazing

This changed everyone’s game

I can’t even begin to describe how iconic this is like this should be in history books

this saved my life.

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"I have looked at you
in millions of ways and
I have loved you in each"

—Haiku  (via sex-thrill)
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Just finished watching North & South; ughhhhh Mr.Thorton feels! They’re just so perfect. I absolutely loved it! 💙 #northandsouth #mrthorton #mshale #richardarmitage


This hearty twist on classic Alfredo only takes 15 minutes. What are you waiting for?

Get the recipe here.

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Ohhh I’m exhausted. I stayed up until about 7:30 this morning transferring files from Squirt’s old laptop to her new one.. I woke up a couple of hours ago & I’m still sleepy. I think this calls for a glass of wine & a movie!

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