Tink said hi! ✨💚🍄🌱🌼 #pixiehollow

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My #boxedwater has a cute greeting! 📦+💧=😁👍 (at Polliwog Park)

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"Who sees the human face correctly: the photographer, the mirror, or the painter?"

Pablo Picasso  (via peonify)
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My favorite street in Anaheim. 🍊 #ohmahdarlin #ohmahdarlin (at Anaheim Certified Farmers’ Market & Craft Fair)

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Meese. 🌾 #lol #moose #marrrktwaaain (at Disneyland Rivers Of America)

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It looked so cool & peaceful today; all because it was closed. 😿 #itsasmallworld (at “it’s a small world”)

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💕⛅️🌷🌾🌸🏰🌹✨ (at Sleeping Beauty Castle)

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@master_grief & his one true love. ❤️ #videogames (at Disneyland Rivers Of America)

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Nightmare fuel much? 😬 #ariel #howyoudoinkid (at Main Street, U.S.A.)

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Downtown Portland, Oregon

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There’s no where else I’d rather be! 💀💚🍵 #matchalove #didneylan (at Main Street, U.S.A.)

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One of the most soothing sounds.. 🌊 #waves (at Redondo Beach)

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Welp, this is what my night looks like! I finished cleaning the carpet & now I’m in bed reading the #Coraline GN while I munch on snacks/drink cider & play #ParaNorman in the background. 💀💚📺 (at The Batcave.)

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