We so cute & dah Space Noodle cute too! ;) #lol #selfiepod #spaceneedle #seattle #washington #pnw #kerrypark #portlandroadtrip2014

Meese. 🌾 #lol #moose #marrrktwaaain (at Disneyland Rivers Of America)

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It’s my birthday!!!!!! :3 


Tina, you are my favorite

Schrodinger’s vibrators.

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My eye won’t stop twitching.. 

It must be due to my lack of sleep & intake of too much caffeine! D: 

plot twist: The Doctor's name is actually "Who".
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This just happened on my dash.

I need to catch up on The Office.


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Gingerbread Martin Freeman does not approve of people invading his boyfriend’s privacy! 

Squirt likes to warm her cold hands by rubbing Niles’ belly..

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LMFAO! This is brilliant! 

I come home to a file saying “read me”.. & this is what was on it! I think I know what movie Squirt & I shall be watching tonight! The Great Mouse Detective it is!!! [btw, my sister is actually a very talented artist; despite it not really showing in the picture above.] LOL!

Reblog if you enjoy snogging.

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lmfao; hipster.

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