Visual Development from Tangled by Victoria Ying

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Dat #Rapunzel set tho. 😱💕🌸☀️💜 (at Long Beach Arena)

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Not ok..

I’m watching Tangled & tearing up.. Damn all of these feels! I’ve seen this movie about 100 times, but I still get emotional. D’:

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I picked up #Mulan ❤💙💜 @ Target earlier & they were offering free #Disney Princess dolls with most #disneymovie purchases. I totally decided to get #Rapunzel just so I could braid her hair!!!!! 💗💛💜 ☺ (at The Shire)

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Found #Pascal @ the pet shop! 😍#Rapunzel (Taken with Instagram)

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My bowl of cereal is pretty damn adorable! Oh & I’m also using a Hello Kitty spoon, which adds extra cute points to me lunch! Seriously though, my Pascal bowl is fuckin’ legit!

(Taken with Instagram at The Batcave.)

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"Ohhhhh, somebody get me a glass. Cause I just found me. A tall. Drink. Of water!”

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I <3 them. 

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